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- If your club membership has expired and you begin to log-in, you will be asked to enter your log-in info twice, then be taken to choices to renew (same membership, single or family?; same or different length - 12 or 36 monhts)
- You don't have to be a PayPal member now, or become one!  Just accept the PayPal option at the bottom of the SCWDC order screen and you will be directed to the PayPal page with a guest option, it's placed at the bottom of the first PayPal page.  Go immediately to the log-in screen now?: Member Renewal Page. Note:  No one's credit card number enters the SCWDC membership or event payment systems.  Never.   SCWDC only receives an email notification from PayPal that a membership or event payment has been made.  Your SCWDC username and password is not connected in any way to a credit card.  

- If you don't want to renew via PayPal, you can send a check to the office.  Download this form, PDF-Membership Application for New and Renewal, write in your name, and fill in ONLY the contact information that has changed.  Or write or call the office, request a filled-out renewal form, and we will postal mail you a copy of your member record.  

JUST ASK.  OFFICE:  PETE, 703-532-7776, M-F 9AM-5PM, OR email= SCWDC@SCWDC.ORG.

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1.  Update your membership record with new information:  "My Info" at the top of the Member menu, here you can update your personal info, postal and email addresses, phone numbers & choices to receive the weekly Ski-O-Gram and Share Your Contact Info With Other Members.  Advice about how to edit your record and set up your profile is at the Member Area menu item just below "My Info", "How To Edit My Info and Use Member Profiles."

2.  Find most other members' contact information, like email or phone # in Member Profiles near the top of the Member Area.  About 20% of members choose not to share their information, therefore their name and profile is not displayed.  (Leaders who are verifying a person's membership status for the purpose of price (higher price for non-members), can verify status by one of the following: (1) looking up a member in a file, "List of Active Members" sent to them by the office or a committee chair (2) calling the office (3) by being given access to member records.)

3.  Renew your SCWDC membership using the "PayPal payment method," using a credit card (but that info does not go into the SCWDC database and you don't have to be a PayPal account member and you are NOT required to join, just use it as a guest.)  

4.  Read or download the Policy Manual, SCWDC Bylaws and Rules of Procedure.

5.  See the list of Program and Committee Chairs & all of the Board of Directors including President - these individuals run the club.  Individual contact information is provided for each individual in the tabs, "Board of Directors" and "Program and Committee Chairs". 

6.  Read financial information about the club:   Audits and Financial History FY 08 - FY 15.

Need log-in help from a real person or write?  Call 703-532-7776.  Office is open Monday - Friday, 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. most weeks.  Telephone:  If no one is there during these hours, leave a voice mail.  Email address:

If you need any help with finding information in the Public Area,  please read the Public Menu web page Help & Guide & Feedback Option,  What's Happening? List of All SCWDC Activities and Find Everything (Site Map)Find Everything (Site Map) and there is a Google Key Word search option.   Spend a few minutes looking at those web pages and you will be able to navigate easily and find anything.

Any Questions: Contact the SCWDC office by calling 703-532-7776, M-F, 9am-5pm or write to  There will be short absences to run errands, so the answering machine will take any call when someone is not in the office.  Weekends:  The office manager often checks emails during a weekend, so might get an answer before Monday.  Some help subjects are in this tab:   Contact Office -Lost Password - Change Password

5309 Lee Highway
Arlington, VA 22207

Detailed Driving Directions:  PDF-SCWDC Office Directions

Ski Club of Washington DC, 5309 Lee Highway, Arlington, VA 22207,  703-532-7776,,  Office Hours M-F, 9 AM - 5 PM.
Great Sports For All Seasons!  Join Us! Over 1,200 sports minded members, with over 500 events and year-round activities.   
Become a Member or renew your membership at the Member Join Page  If you need instructions, start here: Join Us or Renew - All Things Membership Membership Costs:  Single $45 1st Yr, $35 renewal; Family, $73 1st Year, $53 Renewal.  3 Year Membership, Single $105; Family, $153.

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